Welcome to Seven Senses, a creative and spiritual exploration of our senses. 

Every month you’ll receive a gift for each of your senses:

  • SEE:  a visual recommendation (exhibit, film, book)

  • HEAR: an auditory invitation (music, podcast, nature)

  • SMELL: an olfactory experience (botanical, food, alchemy)

  • TASTE: a culinary suggestion (art, recipe, specialty food)

  • TOUCH: a tactile play (nature, textures, creative materials)

  • BALANCE: a contemplative meditation (question, statement)

  • ENVISION: a symbolic vision (original artwork) 

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Seven Senses is an offering by Kenshō studio, created by Sabrina Y. Smith. 
Learn more at kenshostudio.co & @kenshostudio.co

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Seven creative explorations for your senses.


Kenshō studio

I'm Sabrina, a storyteller and visual translator. Bridging creativity and spirituality, I work across various disciplines to understand and reveal the true nature — the kenshō — of this human story. ⁠